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Can You Tow My Car If It’s Been Lowered?

If you’re driving a low car, you might be wondering whether you can get a breakdown service to tow it in the event of car trouble. This is a legitimate concern considering how close to the ground it is, hence easy to get damaged when the towing is handled unprofessionally. On the bright side, there are several ways to execute this difficult maneuver successfully. Here is a blog that explains how a towing company can pull a lowered car.

Why do people lower their cars?

In most cases, motorists with lowered cars do it to make them appear more appealing. But there are significant concerns with this, mainly damage that might occur due to contact of components or parts, leading to expensive repairs or even total replacement.

What are the consequences of having your car’s suspension system altered?

The suspension system is the leading hardware, and cutting it may lead to damage to other components. The car’s alignment might be affected and its steering angle, which also affects tire wear and even braking performance. A lowered suspension also means the distance between the center of gravity and road surface is minimized, with springs and other components in the undercarriage having a shorter stroke. Ultimately, towing such a car becomes very challenging.

How can my lowered automobile be towed?

Even though lowered cars pose a challenge to tow truck drivers, there are ways to meet this difficulty and get your lowered car towed. An experienced tow company might do any of the following to get over the hurdle:

Removing the bumpers

The first thing that an experienced towing provider would do is to remove your car’s front and rear bumper carefully. Ensure that they are securely fastened but not too tight because they might be damaged when removed. It is a relatively straightforward process that requires simple tools like a screwdriver. This will keep the bumper from getting scraped as the tow truck driver drags your car along the road.

Using a proper ramp

The best way of pulling a low car is by using an automotive lift. It will allow the truck driver to easily pull your vehicle while ensuring that it won’t get damaged. A suitable ramp should have a broad and flat surface area so the tow truck can easily move up and down without getting caught on any impurities or irregularities in the road. Shorter ramps are bound to result in bumper damage, especially when the angle is high. This is why you should only go for lifts that are at least six inches high.

Keeping distance and turning carefully

It’s essential to give yourself a lot of room to move around when it comes to lowered cars. This means the tow driver should put some distance between his vehicle and yours before getting behind the wheel. He must also be aware of how he turns, as any sharp angle will surely scrape your bumper on the ground or curb.

Using a flatbed tow truck

If you want to avoid having your lowered vehicle scraped, you should ask for a flatbed tow truck. A flatbed truck tows your vehicle on its body as opposed to dragging the car behind it. This type of vehicle will allow the driver to lower its bed to create enough space between the truck and your low car when moving up or down. It also ensures even distribution of weight so your front bumper won’t get damaged.

What should I do when I have a lowered automobile?

When you decide to contact a towing company after experiencing a car breakdown, don’t forget to mention that your vehicle is lowered before the driver gets there. Most tow companies have different kinds of trucks in their fleets. This should allow them to accommodate your needs and provide a solution to tow your car safely. A heads-up will prevent time wastage and ensure a more seamless towing process once the towing truck arrives.

Will it cost extra to tow a lowered automobile?

Most towing companies don’t charge extra to tow a lowered vehicle, but you should still ask them about it. Some providers might have specific policies on this matter, so it’s best that you get clarification before the truck gets there.

How much does car towing cost?

You can get a towing estimate by calling the company. This way, you won’t have any problems dealing with them when they arrive at your location. Most providers also offer online towing calculators for this purpose, so be sure to check it out before making contact through phone or email. 

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Can a lowered truck still tow?

Yes, as long as the truck comes with a tow bar and ball. Make sure that you lower the tow trailer enough to allow for smooth movement of your car up or down. If you can’t provide this solution, it’s best that you call in a flatbed truck instead.

How do I know which type of ramp will work best?

The best way to make a decision is by calling a towing company and asking for advice. You should also ask about their experience with low cars, as this will give you an idea of how much effort they’re willing to put into accommodating your needs.

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