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Do I Need Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Should I Buy Roadside Assistance Coverage?

No one wants to be stranded on the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck and emergency roadside services. However, if or when you find yourself in that situation, you may wonder if your roadside assistance coverage will be adequate to cover the cost of your emergency. In the meantime, if you find yourself in a bind, you can call Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing Recovery & Towing for emergency roadside service in Lake Charles, Louisiana any time. We have dispatchers on call 24/7!

What Does a Typical Roadside Assistance Coverage Plan Cover?

Roadside assistance coverage varies depending on the company you purchase it from. However, roadside assistance coverage typically covers the following:

  • towing
  • tire changes
  • fuel delivery
  • locksmith services
  • jumpstarts
  • winching

Most roadside assistance coverage is available for either annual or monthly billing but some roadside assistance coverage is available for free from car manufacturers or credit card companies. Additionally, instead of paying each month or annually for roadside assistance coverage, you have the option of paying per incident. That way, instead of paying for a service you may or may not use, you can pay when you need help. That’s where tow companies like Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing come in– we have dispatchers on call 24/7 for roadside emergency service.

Which Roadside Assistance Plan Should I Purchase?

You have plenty of options when it comes to roadside assistance coverage. Your car insurance company, car manufacturer, cell phone provider, or credit card company may offer roadside assistance plans. You can also get roadside assistance through a membership in AAA.

How Much Does Roadside Assistance Coverage Cost on Average?

Roadside assistance coverage costs vary depending on the company, but it could cost anywhere from $10 to more than $100 a year. Some companies, such as credit card companies or car manufacturers, offer the service for free. However, some roadside assistance coverage plans have additional fees. For example, some plans and policies limit the number of miles a car can be towed before an extra fee is charged. Make sure to read the specifics of any roadside assistance policy you buy.

How Many Service Claims Can I Have Each Year with my Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Again, this depends on the company you purchase your roadside assistance coverage from. However, most plans limit the number of covered claims per year at four service calls. Some policies allow for unlimited service calls, but some companies may not offer roadside assistance coverage to you in the future if you have too many claims.

Does Roadside Assistance Coverage Cover the Driver or the Vehicle?

Typically, roadside assistance coverage provided by car manufacturers and insurance companies provide service based on the vehicle. However, programs like AAA cover the member, meaning you can call for help if you are in a friend’s car and it breaks down.

Do Roadside Assistance Plans Extend to Other Drivers?

If you get stuck in Lake Charles, call Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing Towing and Recovery for emergency roadside assistance!

If you get stuck in Lake Charles, call Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing Towing and Recovery for emergency roadside assistance!

Not usually. However, membership organizations may allow you to add household members for additional fees. Some cell phone companies provide service based on whoever is in possession of the enrolled device. For example, if your child has your cell phone and needs roadside assistance, the incident will be covered by your plan even if you’re not with them.

Do Roadside Assistance Service Claims Affect Car Insurance Rates?

Maybe. If your roadside assistance coverage is through your auto insurance company, it’s possible that claims could affect your rates. However, this is only likely to be the case with excessive claims. As long as you use the plan as it is intended, for occasional emergencies, you probably won’t see any increased insurance rates.

If you get roadside assistance coverage from a different company than your auto insurance company, your car insurance rates won’t be affected by service claims.

Do I Need to Buy a Roadside Assistance Plan?

Whether or not you need a roadside assistance plan comes down to your personal choice. You may not benefit much from a roadside assistance coverage plan if you only drive short distances or you have coverage through the car manufacturer or your credit card company. If you only rarely use roadside assistance, it may be worth it to just pay out-of-pocket for emergencies.

A roadside coverage plan can give you and your family members peace of mind and save you money in the long run. Consider purchasing a roadside assistance plan if any of the following applies to you:

  • You have an upcoming roadtrip.
  • You want the benefits that a membership in an organization like AAA provides.
  • You have a long commute.
  • You have an older car.
  • You aren’t familiar with car mechanics or service garages.

How Can Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing Recovery & Towing Help You?

While most towing companies provide similar services, they’re not all created equal. At Elite Service Recovery & Heavy Duty Towing, we strive to provide Lake Charles residents with the most reliable and effective towing. When you need a tow truck, give us a call, and we will dispatch one of our technicians with the appropriate vehicle and equipment to your location. All of our drivers are familiar with the urban and backroad areas of Lake Charles, which helps ensures our ETA’s are accurate. And we are available 24 hours a day so we can be there when you need us the most. Call today!

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